We are committed to your vehicle!

At Lentz Auto Repair, we provide a variety of services to keep your vehicle running like new. Our friendly team of talented technicians use the latest tools and techniques to put you back on the road in top shape. Stop in and see for yourself why we are the best in Grand Rapids, MI.
Grand Rapids Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

If your check engine light came on, you can rest assured the professionals at Lentz Auto Repair will be there to diagnose it for you and suggest the recommended repairs. Ignoring a Check Engine Light can mean more extensive and costly repairs in the future. Our mechanics will check your vehicles codes and give you honest and trustworthy recommendations. From the smallest of problems to the largest of issues, trust us to diagnose it for you!

Grand Rapids Brake Service

Brake Service

Are your brakes screeching and squeaking? Brakes naturally wear over time, but need to be inspected and replaced routinely to avoid brake failure or worse. {BUSINESS_NAME} of {CITY} is ready and equipped for all your brake repair and inspection needs. From brake pedal to hydraulic brake fluid; from drum to disc brakes and electronic anti-lock brake sensors, our pros can do it all.

Grand Rapids Alternator Repair Services

Alternator Repair Services

Are you in need of an alternator repair services? Look no further! We offer a comprehensive electrical check that evaluates the health of your car alternator, your starter, and your battery. We ensure the other electrical components of your vehicle are functioning properly, for an efficient and cost-effective alternator repair. Let our experts be the ones you call to determine a dead battery from a bad alternator.

Grand Rapids Belts & Hoses

Belts & Hoses

Essential for the proper function of your vehicle, belts and hoses transfer the air and fluid components to vital parts of your car, synchronize the rotation of engines, valves, and other key parts of your vehicle's anatomy. Our mechanics are experienced and equipped with all the necessary hoses and belts that may need replacing during the lifetime of your vehicle. We pledge to keep your hoses and belts in tip-top shape!

Grand Rapids Oil Change

Oil Change

Frequent and routine oil changes are the best form of defense for the longevity of your vehicle. Our shop utilizes the highest quality oil products and oil filters, all for a reasonable price. We specialize in full-service oil changes that include topping off fluids and courtesy inspection by our professional technicians. If you're looking for a top-notch garage with premier oil change services in {CITY}, stop by today!

Grand Rapids Mufflers & Exhausts

Mufflers & Exhausts

Keeping your exhaust system functioning correctly not only helps to reduce emissions, but also limits noise pollution and keeps your car healthy and running properly. Our muffler and exhaust pros at Lentz will ensure that your complete exhaust system is serviced and extending the life of your vehicle's engine. From O2 sensors, to catalytic converters and mufflers, we are the ones to call!

Grand Rapids Radiator & Engine Cooling Service

Radiator & Engine Cooling Service

Don't blow a gasket! Radiator repair and maintenance are what the professionals at Lentz Auto Repair are known for! Grand Rapids's experienced technicians will help to diagnose any radiator trouble. From a broken hose and radiator cracks, to fluid flushing and pump replacements, we do it all. To avoid costly repairs, be sure to get your radiator serviced soon!

Grand Rapids Serpentine, Driving, & Timing Belts

Serpentine, Driving, & Timing Belts

Your engine relies on both the serpentine, timing, and drive belts to run smoothly and efficiently. If one or all are out of sync, you could have major costly repairs in the future. Avoid this headache by letting Lentz Auto Repair inspect your belts before they give out. We pledge that you will receive fair and competitive prices for all belt replacements and services.

Grand Rapids Steering & Suspension

Steering & Suspension

If you're experiencing hard turning, wandering steering, or even more bouncing than usual, rely on our experienced technicians to diagnose and get your vehicle running smoothly again. Steering repair, car suspension, and proper wheel alignment all help keep your vehicle on the straight and narrow. You can trust us to get you back to a comfortable ride in no time.

Grand Rapids A/C Service & Repair

A/C Service & Repair

Its 100 degrees and your car's A/C just gave out! What do you do? Give the professionals at Lentz Auto Repair a call and their expert technicians will help to diagnose the problem and get you feeling cooler in no time. Perhaps your A/C still works, but not as good as it used to. Have no fear! We'll happily inspect your A/C unit for any sign of damaged or dirty parts, and repair the issue with the unparalleled service and attention to detail we are known for.

Grand Rapids Auto Diagnostic

Auto Diagnostic

On the road of life, a lot can happen to you and your vehicle. We understand how difficult it can be to diagnose a specific problem when you car starts acting up. Our auto experts take pride in providing honest and complete diagnostic services for you and your vehicle so you know exactly what needs to be done. Whether you're experiencing odd smells, noises, strange leaks or rough handing, we've got you covered. Don't wait another minute to get the diagnostics you deserve!

Grand Rapids Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance

Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance

Preventative car maintenance and routine inspections can go a long way when it comes to keeping your car in peak condition. Following the car manufacturer's maintenance schedule will save you time and money. so whether it's at 30k, 60K, or 90k, trust our experts to keep your car on the road longer. If you're searching for professional and honest maintenance service for your vehicle in {CITY}, choose the professionals at {BUSINESS_NAME}.

Grand Rapids Drivetrain Services

Drivetrain Services

Providing the power your car needs to drive smoothly, your car's powertrain needs expert attention and experienced technicians like the professionals you'll find at Lentz Auto Repair for repairs and maintenance. Whether its the clutch, drive shaft, differential, CV axels & joints, transmission or engine, our team is equipped to service drivetrains for manual transmissions, automatics, front and four-wheel drive vehicles.

Grand Rapids Batteries


There are hundreds of different kinds of car batteries. How do you know you're getting the right one -- and not being charged an arm and a leg? Trust our experienced professionals to fit you with the right battery, every time. Offering testing and charging, we ensure your battery truly needs replacing and will fit you with the right battery to suit your needs. For dependable power or superior performance, we have the battery for you!

Grand Rapids Tire Rotation & Alignment

Tire Rotation & Alignment

Tire rotation is essential to keep the tread on your tires worn evenly and balanced. A tire with too much wear on one side will decrease the life of your tire and cost you more money down the road. {BUSINESS_NAME} are {CITY}'s professionals when it comes to tire rotation and alignment. Is your car straying to one side of the road? You may need an alignment, which we can take care of quickly here in our shop!

Grand Rapids Auto Heating & Ventilation

Auto Heating & Ventilation

We all know how important it is for the driver to be comfortable when driving their vehicle. Whether you're travelling inter-state or just hopping across town, your car's ventilation is vital to the comfort of you and your passengers. If you find your heater won't turn off, or your A/C just won't work, Lentz Auto Repair is the one to call. We'll repair your ventilation system, replace hoses, fix valves, and be sure you'll be back on your way in comfort and style.

Grand Rapids Fuel System Cleaning

Fuel System Cleaning

When you enlist the services of {BUSINESS_NAME} to help preserve the lifespan of your vehicle, one of commonly recommended services is a complete fuel injector and system cleaning. A fuel system cleaning will not only help to improve gas mileage, but help clear the filter, fuel pump and fuel injectors from debris and dirt that can harm your engine. Follow your manufacturer's recommendations and let us get your fuel system cleaned today!